Dainty Moldavite Necklace

Dainty Moldavite Necklace

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Chain Material 14K Gold Filled
Chain Length 14 inches

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Each piece is 4-5mm, making it super dainty and perfect for everyday wear!

Experience transformation and healing with our Moldavite necklace. Moldavite, a powerful gemstone known for its transformational properties, can help you break free from old patterns and promote spiritual growth. This unique necklace is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a source of emotional healing and increased intuition. Its high vibrational energy can enhance meditation and open up new spiritual connections. Wear this necklace as a symbol of personal growth.

Each piece of Moldavite is over 14.7 MILLION years old!
Moldavite is a form of glass and can break, so please be careful when wearing it. We suggest not to wear it to sleep, to shower or when working out.

Customer Reviews

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Susan W.
Dainty and charming

A lovely little necklace. I’m really pleased with how delicate it looks. Looking forward to all the benefits. Amazing customer service too :)

moldavite 💚

i am already a huge true warrior jewelry fan, and HAD to have this moldavite necklace. it is crafted beautifully and has brought such good energy to my life. thank you for another perfect piece!!

Gabriella Guinta
Moldavite Necklace

My husband got this for me as a gift and it is absolutely beautiful, I can feel the power of the stone and I look forward to all it has to bring. My one gripe is that the pendant is not fixed to the necklace so I am constantly fixing the chain but it’s a minor problem

Christine Lempin
Moldavite magic

Love this piece . I can feel its positivity power already.

Casie Mort
So Much Power

I literally felt a vibration when I touched this necklace. It is the perfect simple necklace to add to any outfit. So dainty and feminine.